What The True Sufis Say About The One Who Says “This Universe Is Allāh”

What The True Sufis Say About The One Who Says “This Universe Is Allāh”

The question:  What do the true sufis masters say about the one who says: “This universe is Allāh,” or the one who says: “Our master Muhammad is Allāh” or what some people  say: “Our master Muhammad is the actual self of Allāh.”?

The Answer:  All of that is the major shirk and it condemns the one who dies upon that belief to the everlasting dwelling in Hellfire until no end.

This is the opposite of the Islamic Creed and the opposite of what the sufis of Ahlus-sunnah Wal Jamā^ah are on.

The Imām Al-Junayd the master of the sufis, may Allāh raise his rank, said:  Tawheed is knowing Allāh is different from the creation.  This means that the one who does not worship Allāh alone and does not attribute to Him the attributes of perfection and that they are eternal and everlasting then such a person is ignorant about Tawheed, that means such a person is a non-believer.

The creation is everything other than Allāh.

The Shaykh ^Abdul Wahhāb Ash-sha^rāniyy who is among the most famous scholars of the sufis in the 10th century, may Allāh have mercy upon him, said: “Let the sufi beginner be aware of his degree which is not at the level of the major righteous pious men therefore knowing his shortcomings in implementing their manners.  Let him not suffice with wearing wool and sitting on a carpet speaking without truth about the religion, sometimes speaking from opinion and sometimes speaking from imagination and sometimes speaking about Allāh with what does not befit His majesty and greatness; to the extent that I heard some of them say “Nothing exists except Allāh” (this means that person said God and the universe are one and that is the saying of those who believe that everything is Allāh and that is explicit blasphemy) So I said to him:  “And what are you?” (ash-sha^rāniyy means by that you are a creation of God and you are not God)  So he said some words that, and I swear by Allāh, if I had a witness with me to testify about what he said I would have gone to the judges of the religion to convict him and decapitate him (that is because he is a blasphemer, we seek refuge with Allāh from blasphemy.)

Then Ash-sha^rāniyy says: “We didn’t find this matter present in the shaykhs that we learned from, rather what we found present in them is detachment from the worldly matters, staying on the safe side, and following the sunnah of the prophet, may Allāh raise all their ranks.  So be warned from those who sit and talk about The Self and The Attributes of Allāh with other than what the religion explicitly said; and don’t listen to what they say may Allāh keep you guided.”  End statement.

Be warned from the publications of a person named ^Abdul Kareem  الجيلي because they contain many of this type of blasphemy about everything being Allāh and that the human is Allāh and this is explicit blasphemy.

^Abdul Kareem الجيلي is not Shaykh ^Abdul Qādir Al-Jaylāniyy may Allāh raise his rank.

The one who says about our master Muhammad “he is the self of Allāh” then such a person is a misguided blasphemer because that is saying our master Muhammad is Allāh and that is blasphemy without a doubt; and such a statement is found in some of the books of ritual sayings of the Tijjāniyyah.  We don’t believe this is the creed of Ahmad At-tijjāniyy who is buried in Fez, may Allāh have mercy on him, however this is present among them and some of those who affiliate themselves with Tijjāniyy say it, and i’m not saying all the Tijjāniyys say it, however, whoever says it or believes it is a blasphemer and not a muslim on top of the fact that they are not a sufi.

Whoever does not follow the Qur’ān, the Sunnah, Jurisprudence, and the Law then such a person is not a sufi even if they claim to be muslims and sufis and call people to follow it, rather he is one without a religion.