Our Team

Shaykh and Eng. Riad Nachef

Managing Director of The Academy For Key  Islamic Rulings (DARULFATWA)

Shaykh and Dr. Rabi Osman

Head of the Unit of Tawhid

Shaykh and Dr. Bilal Hallak

Chairman of DARULFATWA in CA

Shaykhah and Dr. Fidauddine Nusaibah Sakr

Head of Unit of Fiqh

Shaykh and MA Saifuddine el Haajj

Head of the unit of Qur’anic and Hadith and Arabic studies

Shaykh and MA Sayyid Fareed

Head of the Unit of Operations and Public Relations

Shaykh and Dr. Ali Ghazzawi

Instructor in USA

Shaykh and BA Ahmad Jose

Representative of Darulfatwa in Miami FL

Shaykh and Dr. Ghadi Salem

Representative of Darulfatwa in VA

Shaykh and MA Ibrahim Abunniaaj

Representative of Darulfatwa in TX

Shaykh Toufik Fayed

Representative of Darulfatwa in MI

Shaykh and MA Mohammad Awkal

Instructor in Philadelphia

Shaykh and BA Riad Inshan

Representative of Darulfatwa in Orlando FL

Shaykh and Dr. Ziad Chreim

Instructor USA

Shaykh and Dr. Wissam Chatila

Instructor in USA

Shaykha and BA Sabat Baharoun

Instructor LA and Orange County California CA

Shaykhah and MA Zouhar Kaisi

Instructor in Philadelphia