“The Statement of God’s Oneness United the Arabs and Non-Arabs”

The general manager of Dar Al-Fatwa in California said, “The Statement of God’s Oneness United the Arabs and Non-Arabs.”

The General Manager of Dar Al-Fatwa, Dr. Bilal Hallaq, clearly stated, “The Statement of God’s Oneness united the nation since the dawn of Islam. The Muslims have lived under the umbra of this statement, in service of the call to the belief in Allah, Creator of the Universe. All of the Muslims are upon one belief, and all face the Holy House (الكَعبَة) for their prayer, until Allah brings upon the end of the world and those upon it. This belief is that the Creator of this universe has no partner, is not plural, is not in a direction, and has no equal or similar. With this belief, humanity exited from the darkness into the light.” The doctor mentioned this during the mandatory attendance of the students of the University of the Center for Sunnah Education.

The scholar, Shaykh Abu Bakr Ahmad, Mufti of the Indian lands, mentioned the merits of Dr. Hallaq and praised him for his philanthropy and service to the knowledge, culture, and humanities for mankind in and outside of India, especially his work in promoting a new generation for the nation in the midst of establishing the University of the Center for Sunnah Education and its schools.

In his speech, he advised the students of the university to cling to the correct belief and to follow the path of the predecessors and successors, specifically the methodology of Al-Imam Al-Ash^ariyy and Al-Imam Al-Maturidiyy, may Allah have mercy upon them both, and to adhere to the methodology of the Four Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence.

The conference was honored by the presence of his eminence, Al-Ustadh ^Abdullah Ath-Thaqafiyy, head of the College of the Fundamentals of the Religion. Notables from the elite students of the University also participated.