The evidence from the Hadith that Allah exists without a place

As for the evidence from the hadith, it is what was narrated with an authentic chain of narration by Al-Bukhariyy, Ibnul-Jarud, and Al-Bayhaqiyy that the Messenger of Allah said,

كان الله ولم يكن شىء غيره

[which means] “Allah Existed and nothing else existed.” Its meaning is that Allah never ceased to Exist Eternally.  There was none other than Him with Him; no water, air, Earth, Sky, Kursiyy, ^Arsh, human, jinn, angel, time, place, or direction. So He, the Exalted, Existed before the place without a place, and He is the One who Created the place, so He is not in need of it. This is among what is derived from this aforementioned hadith.

Al-Bayhaqiyy said in his book Al-Asma’ wasSifat: “Some among our colleagues have used as evidence for negating a place for Him the saying of the Prophet ﷺ,

[which means] ‘O Allah, You are AdhDhahir and there is nothing above You, and You are Al-Batin and there is nothing below You.’ If there is nothing above Him and nothing below Him He is not in a place.” This hadith also has the refutation for those who ascribe a direction to Allah. ^Aliyy said: “Allah Existed and there was no place, and He Is now as He Existed.” This was narrated by Abu Mansur Al-Baghdadiyy.