One must also have (the belief in Allah’s Angels)and Messengers

One must also have (the belief in Allah’s Angels), that is, that they exist, and they are honorable slaves of Allah.  They do not disobey Allah’s orders and always do what they are ordered.  They are neither male nor female.  They do not eat, drink, sleep, or reproduce.

One must also believe in Allah’s (Messengers), that is, all His prophets–including those who were messengers and those who were not.  The Prophet who is a Messenger is the one who was sent with a new set of rules.  The Prophet who is not a Messenger is a person who received the Revelation to follow the rules revealed to the Messenger who came before him.  The first Messenger of Allah was our master Adam and the last was our Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam.  One must also believe in Allah’s (Books), the most famous of which are four:  the Qur’an, the Torah, the Injil, and the Zabur(And) it is obligation to believe in the (Destining “Qadar”), that is, to believe that everything that happens is by the decree of Allah.  One must accept His decree by not objecting to Allah in His decreeing good or evil, sweet or bitter because (whether the destined is good or evil), sweet or bitter, it exists by the Destining, Creating, and Will of Allah.  We like that which is good among the destined, and we hate that which is evil.