For the Likeners to say that Allah sits on the ^Arsh is insulting Him

, Allah is not granted an honor by any of His creation and He does not benefit from any of His creation. For the Likeners to say that Allah sits on the ^Arsh is insulting Him, because sitting is the attribute of humans, animals, jinn, and vermin. Every attribute of the creation, if attributed to Allah, is insulting Him. The Hafidh, Faqih, and Linguist, Murtada Az-Zabidiyy said, “Whoever makes Allah limited by a measure has blasphemed.” That is because he made Him someone with a quantity and volume. Volume and quantity are among the things that necessitate eventuality. [1] Mentally, did we know that the sun is a created event by other than its having a volume? Had Allah had a volume, He would have been similar to the sun in respects to having a volume. Had He been like that, He would not deserve Godhood, just as the sun does not deserve Godhood. Had the sun worshipper sought mental evidence from those Likeners that Allah deserves Godhood and that the sun does not deserve Godhood, those Likeners would have no evidence. The most that they would be able to say is that Allah Said,

﴿الله خَالِقُ كُلّ شَىءٍ﴾

[which means] “Allah is the Creator of everything.” If they said that to the sun worshipper, the sun worshipper would say to them, “I do not believe in your book. Give me mental evidence that the sun does not deserve worship.” Here they would be silenced.


[1] Being an event, i.e., something with a beginning, a creation.