Existence Is an attribute of Allah


Know, may Allah have Mercy upon you, that Allah the Exalted is Existing Eternally and Everlastingly, so His Existence is not by the creating of a creator.

Some people have considered the statement “Allah [is] Mawjud [Existent]” to be objectionable because the pattern of the word “mawjud” is the pattern dedicated for what receives the action [maf^ul]. The response is that pattern “maf^ul” may be used in reference to what did not receive the action of another, just as we say, “Allah [is] ‘Ma^bud’ [Worshipped].” Those who said that thought about themselves that they have a share in the knowledge of the language, and they are not as they thought they were.

The great linguist and explainer of Al-Qamus, Az-Zabidiyy, said in the explanation of Al-Ihya, “The Creator, the Exalted is “Mawjud,” thus it is valid that He would be seen.”

Al-Fayyumiyy, the linguist and author of Al-Misbah, said, “Al-mawjud is different from the non-existent.”