Denying The Universe If Real Is Blasphemy

Denying The Universe If Real Is Blasphemy

The Imām At-tahāwiyy may Allāh have mercy on him said:  “Therefore denying the existing knowledge is blasphemy and claiming to know the unattainable knowledge is blasphemy.  Belief is not established except by accepting the existing knowledge and leaving out seeking the unattainable knowledge.

In explaining the words of At-tahāwiyy it is known from here that it is blasphemy to deny the existing knowledge like the denial of the Sophists the reality of things.  They say this entire universe is imaginary and it is not real.  This is blasphemy.

From here it is known also the blasphemy of the one among the creations who claims to be all knowing.  Therefore whoever claims that for himself or for somebody else among the slaves has certainly blasphemed because Allāh The Exalted is the only one who knows all of the unforeseen.  None among the creations of Allāh know all of the unforeseen.  Whoever believes that someone other than Allāh knows all of the unforeseen has certainly belied the Qur’ān.

Allāh The Exalted revealed that No one knows all of the unforeseen except Allāh.  (Surah Naml Verse 65)

Some of the heretical extremists authored a booklet mentioning that Allāh let the Prophet know everything that Allāh knows in detail without exception and that is an ugly exaggeration and blasphemy we seek refuge with Allāh from that.

The Prophet peace be upon him knows only a small portion of the unforeseen through the revelation.  The Prophet peace be upon him is not all knowing.

Whoever thought that the Prophet peace be upon him knows all the unforeseen then such a person is a blasphemer, we seek refuge with Allāh.  Such as person is obligated to utter the two testifications of faith to return to Islam.