Allah is (without a beginning “al-‘Awwal”),

Allah is (without a beginning “al-‘Awwal”), i.e., the One Who does not have a beginning to His Existence.  His existence was not preceded by inexistence.  The (Eternal “al-Qadim”) has the same meaning when referring to Allah because the Eternity of Allah is His own attribute and is not related to time.  Allah is (Alive “al-Hayy”), i.e., the One attributed with an Eternal and Everlasting Life which is not of a soul, flesh, blood, ligaments, or bone marrow.  His Life is a confirmed eternal attribute.  Allah is (the One Whose Existence is without an end “al-QayyumI”) as well as the One Who does not need others. Allah is (Everlasting “ad-Da’im”), i.e., the One whose existence is not followed by non-existence, and it is impossible for annihilation to be attributed to Him.  It is a mental impossibility for Allah’s existence to come to an end.  Nothing is Everlasting in this way except Allah.