Dear brothers in Islam, Allah created the human being in the best of forms. He made him benefit from what is in the sky and on Earth. He endowed him with a mind, tongue, lips, eyes and ears so that one uses these organs in the accepted way to gain reward from Allah, by obeying Him and being obedient to Him.

Dear brothers in Islam, among the sins of the heart which harms other Muslims is to be arrogant. It is sinful to have arrogance towards the slaves of Allah.

Arrogance is divided into two types, as mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet narrated by Muslim:

الكبرُ بَطَرُ الحقِّ وغَمْطُ النّاس

The first type is to reject the truth. This occurs when one knows that another is saying the truth, but despite that, rejects the truth because the one saying it is poor, has less power, is of the opposite gender, or the like.

The second type is for the person to look highly to oneself while looking down on others, because Allah gave one a lot of money, power, or due to other matters.

Arrogance is an enormous sin. On the Day of Judgment, the arrogant people will be in their human shape but have the size of small ants. Other people will step on them, but they will not die. Their punishment on that day will be fitting to their sin.Brothers in Islam, you are urged to humble yourself. Furthermore, the messenger of Allah was once preaching to the companions when he urged them to be humble by saying, “You are inattentive of one of the most virtuous acts of worship, humbling yourself”. In this directive he was addressing only a particular few among the companions, and not all of them. Needless to mention that the elite companions like Abu Bakr, ^Umar and others like them were extremely humble.

Our master ^Umar Ibnul-Khatab was extremely humble. Once he dressed in the appropriate clothing for Friday prayer. On his way to the Mosque, drops of water and blood from the spout extending from the ^Abbas home fell on him. The blood came from two chooks that had been slaughtered on the roof top, and was being cleaned away with water. He went and washed off the blood stains and said: “That spout needs to be removed”. It was removed. When Al-^Abbas realised it was removed he said to ^Umar that the Prophet put it there. As if to say to him, how can you have it removed when the Prophet is the one who placed it there?! So ^Umar said, “Then it shall be restored as it was”, and told Al-^Abbas to climb on his back to replace it.

Here he is, the Caliph of all believers, ^Umar Al-Faruqthe one known for his sharpness in differentiating between right and wrong, telling Al-Abbas, who is the uncle of Prophet Muhammad, to climb on his back in a gesture of humility to help him restore the spout. He insisted that Al-^Abbas climb on his back. And there he was, ^Umar-the Caliph bent over to gently carry Al-^Abbas onto his back, which he did and the spout was restored.

In the end, We ask Allathe Exalted to make us among those who are humble, and righteous. Ameen