What is Said in the I^tidal of the Second Rak^ah of the Fajr Prayer


Allahummahdini fiman hadayt (a), wa ^afini fiman ^afayt (a), wa

tawallani fiman tawallayt (a), wa barik li fima a^tayt (a). Wa qini

sharra ma qadayt (a), fa ‘innaka taqdi wa la yuqda ^alayk (a). Wa

‘innahu la yadhillu maw walayt(a), wa la ya^izzu man ^adayt (a).

Tabarakta Rabbana wa ta^alayt (a). Fa lakal-hamdu ^ala ma qadayt (a).

Astagfiruka wa atubu ilayk (a). Wa sallallahu ^ala Muhammad (iwwa) ^ala

alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. 

The Meaning of the Qunut Supplication

O Allah, guide me among those whom You guided, relieve me from sickness among those whom You relieved, support me among those whom You supported, bless for me what You gave me. Protect me against the evil of what You created, for You are the One Who orders (ordains) and not the One Who is ordered (ordained for). Whomever You support is not weakened and ignored, and whomever You oppose is not dignified. O our Lord, may Your givings increase. You are the Supreme One Whose status is high and great and You are clear of any imperfection. Praise is due for what You ordained. I ask You for forgiveness and I repent to You. May Allah raise the rank of Muhammad, and his Al and Companions. May Allah protect the Prophet’s Nation from what he feared for it.