Water, The First Creation and our Master Adam

Allah  created the heavens, the earths, and the mountains. Allah  created the rivers and the seas. Allah  created the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets. Allah  created the shrubs, the trees, the humans, and the animals.
The first thing Allah  created was water. It is above the heavens. Then Allah  created the Grand ^Arsh. The ^Arsh is a platform with pillars. It is the largest of the bodies that Allah  created, and it is the ceiling of Paradise. Allah  is the Creator of everything.

The First Human Being, Our Master Adam :
After Allah  had created the heavens, the earths, the angels, the jinn, the trees, the birds, and the animals, Allah  created our master Adam from soil. Our master Adam was the first human. Adam was the first of the prophets and messengers. Allah  created Adam without a father or a mother.

Allah  created the angels from light. They are the inhabitants of the seven heavens. Allah  created the jinn from fire. The father of the jinn is Iblis.

Allah  created Adam in Paradise. Paradise is above the seven heavens. Paradise is very big. Paradise is very beautiful. Paradise has many trees, rivers, and birds with beautiful sounds. It has all what one would like.

Paradise and Hell
Allah  prepared Paradise for the believers who followed the prophets (may peace be upon them) and believed them. The pious believers will enter Paradise on the Day of Judgment without punishment. Also Allah  created Hell for the sinners and the blasphemers who belied the prophets and did not follow the true Religion. The blasphemers will enter Hell on the Day of Judgment and they will never go out of it.
Adam Lived in Paradise
Adam (may peace be upon him) lived in Paradise 130 years, eating from its fruits; drinking from its rivers of water, honey, and milk; and living in it enjoyably without getting sick, tired, or sad.

Lady Hawwa’ (Eve)
After a period of time Allah  created a wife for our master Adam. Her name was Hawwa’. She lived a kind and peaceful life with Adam in Paradise. She loved her husband and he loved her.

Adam Was Beautiful
Our master Adam was beautiful. He was tall, with an upright body. He was not like the animals that walk on four legs. He was not ugly. Hawwa’ was beautiful also. She was tall, with an upright body. She was not ugly. Adam and Hawwa’ were not naked. They used to wear clothes.

Adam and Hawwa’ and Their Descent to Earth
After Adam and Hawwa’ lived in Paradise for a long period, Allah  made them descend to earth. They gave birth to many children. Adam and Hawwa’ started to build and construct things such as homes. All of their children were Muslim; none of them was a blasphemer.

The Religion of Adam and Hawwa’
Adam and Hawwa’ were Muslim. Each of them loved and worshipped Allah . They used to pray, fast, and go to Hajj (pilgrimage).

They both had good manners.
Good manners are for one to tolerate the harm, and to be good to people when talking to them and when dealing with them–whether or not they treat one likewise. Our Master Adam is a Prophet and a Messenger When Adam (may peace be upon him) came down to earth, Allah  made him a prophet and a messenger to his wife and offspring, to teach them Tawhid and the prayers. Tawhid is to know what attributes befit Allah  and to know the difference between the Creator and the created things. He taught them the basis for good behavior, truthfulness, trust-worthiness, and sincerity. An example of good behavior is to be trustful in dealing and not to cheat. An example of trustworthiness is if someone put money with another person to safekeep it, that person would give it back. Sincerity means to be obedient (which means to obey Allah ‘s orders) hoping for reward from Allah  and not seeking to please people.

Our Master Adam was Articulate. Our master Adam spoke all languages. He had a beautiful voice. He knew the names of everything.

Allah , the Exalted, said in the Qur’an:

{وعلّمَ ءادمَ الأسماء كلّها}
This Ayah means: [….. and Allah  created in Adam the knowledge of the names of everything.]
He used to talk with his children with clear words and not with signs.
Adam knew all the names of the creations such as the name of the sky, the earth, the sea, the air, the angel, the jinn, and the like.

Adam Plants and Harvests
Allah  created in our master Adam the knowledge of the matters of earning a living. Allah  created in Adam the knowledge of how to make the instruments for planting, like a shovel and a sickle. Allah  created in Adam the knowledge of how to plant seeds, vegetables, and fruits, and how to harvest. Allah  created in Adam the knowledge of how to make bread out of wheat, and Adam used to make it well.
Adam Builds the Ka^bah
Our master Adam learned how to build. Adam used to build homes and houses. He used to make ceilings and doors for them. He was the first to build the Ka^bah. During his time, the Aqsa Mosque was built in Palestine.