How a Person Should Spend Their Day During Ramadan

O Slaves of Allah, the month of forgiveness-Ramadan has arrived. This is the month of abstinence from the worldly pleasures, the defiance of desires and the month of pure intentions. So, move towards occupying your days and breaths with the acts of obedience to Allah; because the one who doesn’t spend his spare time in matters that benefit him, will end up wasting his time in matters that do not benefit him.

For this reason and for our love of obedience to Allah, I shall tell you what deeds are preferred for the fasting Muslim to do during this month.

When you awake, let the first thing you do be the praising of Allaby saying: In the name of Allah, by whose name harm is evaded in the Heavens or on earth; and He is attributed with Eternal and Everlasting hearing and perfect knowledge.

Say this in Arabic three times in the morning and in the evening. It was related that our beloved Prophet Muhammad said that no harm will come to the one who says it three times each day and night. Then my dear brothers, recite the protective words and after that tend to your primary worldly needs. But do not forget to place the right intention as you tend to your worldly matters like going to work.

Place a sincere intention in the heart to go out to work today for the purpose of providing for your wife and children the obligatory sustenance in obedience to Allah alone. Obey Allah at work, so do not lie and do not cheat; and remember the saying of the best of creations: By the Will of Allah fasting leads to safety from Hellfire.

When you fast you must refrain from sexual intercourse and abhorrent sayings; and if someone shall fight you or slander you, say to them: I am fasting, I am fasting.       

This is the mannerism which the Prophet ordered. Abide by the good manners. Remember that during Ramadan the doors of Paradise are open, the doors of Hell are close and the lead devils are chained. Remember also never to swear at or curse or slander a Muslim especially during Ramadan.

Obey AllaO slaves of Allah.

Spend your time in acts of obedience to Allah. When you do that, your times become valuable, and Allawill ease for you the feeling of thirst and hunger. And when the mid afternoon prayer sets in, take your neighbour, take your friend, take your son to perform the prayer in congregation in the mosque.

Then, remain in the mosque to acquire the knowledge about religion and nurture your heart by listening to the mid afternoon lesson, given by those who took their knowledge from upright educators. By doing this, you will be taking from this ending world what benefits you for the everlasting Hereafter. Beware of those who spread misconceptions about the religion and liken Allato His creations as well as deeming all Muslims as blasphemers.

After the lesson go back home to aid your family, help them prepare the food and teach them what you learnt and approach them with a smile and gracious words. Ease for them the hardships of the day with compliments and pleasant remarks, following in the footsteps of our dear Prophet Muhammad.   

Once you ascertain the setting of the sun break your fast soon after. This is in accordance with the saying of the Prophet: It is commendable for the fasting men and women to break their fast soon after the sun has set. Break your fast by eating dates and if you don’t have, then by drinking water. Then, if you wish before you continue eating you may perform the sunset prayer.

After you finish your meal, get up energetically and make your way to perform the nightfall and the Qiyam of Ramadan prayers in the mosque. Also recite much of the Qur’an and never waste your time watching television, switching from one channel to another.    

Know my dear brothers that the night of greatness Laylatul Qadr can fall in any night of Ramadan. So, make many supplications and prayers every night, especially in the last ten days of Ramadan. Acts of worship done in the night of greatness is more rewarding than acts of worship done in a thousand months which do not have the night of al-Qadr in them.

Dear Brothers in Islam, Muslims are reminded to pay zakat-ul-Fitr before the day of Eid finishes. It is permissible to pay the Fitr Zakah any time during Ramadan, even on the first night. The man must pay the Zakah of Fitr for his wife, non-pubescent children, and poor Muslim parents. He may not pay for his pubescent children or solvent parents without their permission. For this year zakat-ul-Fitr here in Australia is about 3 Dollars per person, so if any one wishes to pay more than that then the intention for the extra money paid should be given as donation.

In the end I warn you against the so called the tents of Ramadan in which unlawful music and sins are rampant. I urge you to visit your relatives and strengthen ties with your kin. We ask Allah the Exalted to accept our fasting and prayers Ameen.