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What does “Clear Allah from imperfection” mean?

Allah is attributed with all proper perfection. He is clear of all imperfection. He is clear of all that which does not befit Him, such as ignorance, powerlessness, place, space, color, and limit. Imam Abu Ja^far at-Tahawiyy, who died in 322 A.H., said: “Allah is clear of boundaries, extremes, sides, organs and instruments. The six directions do not contain Him, unlike the case of all the created things.”  Conceptually speaking, it means Allah is not limited. Hence, He is clear of sitting, because whoever is attributed with sitting has to be limited. Imam ^Aliyy, may Allah raise his rank, said: “Allah created the throne (ceiling of Paradise: al-^Arsh) to show His Power and did not take it as a place for Himself.”  Imam Abu Mansur al-Baghdadiyy mentioned that statement in his book al-Farq Bayna-l-Firaq after he had conveyed the consensus about clearing Allah of places and limits.