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What are some of the attributes that must never be attributed to a Prophet of Allah?

Allah sent the Prophets to convey to people what benefits them in their Religion and life. The Prophets are the ideal examples for the people. For this reason, Allah beautified them with praised attributes and good morals. Some of these attributes include truthfulness, trustworthiness, intelligence, courageousness, and chastity (purity). Allah ta^ala said after mentioning some of them in Surat al-An^am verse # 86:

﴿وكلاً فضلنا على العالمين﴾ سورة الأنعام

The verse means: […and each one of them We preferred over the creations].

The Prophets are the best of the creations, salawatu-l-lahi wa salamuhu ^alayhim ajma^in. The Prophet, salla-l-lahu ^alayhi wa sallam, said:

“ما بعث الله نبياً إلا حسن الوجه حسن الصوت، وإن نبيكم أحسنهم وجهاً وأحسنهم صوتاً” رواه الترمذي.

This hadith means, “Allah did not send a Prophet without him having a beautiful face and a beautiful voice, and your Prophet has the best face and best voice among them,” narrated by at-Tirmidhiyy.