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The scholars said that it is an obligation to know thirteen attributes of Allah. What are these attributes?

It is a personal obligation upon every accountable person to know thirteen of Allah’s attributes, which are mentioned many times in the Qur’an and hadith, either explicitly or implicitly. These are:

1-      Existence (al-Wujud),

2-      Oneness (al-Wahdaniyyah),

3-      Eternity (al-Qidam), i.e., “al-‘Azaliyyah”

4-      Everlastingness (al-Baqa’),

5-      Non-neediness of others (al-Qiyam bin-Nafs),

6-      Power (al-Qudrah),

7-      Will (al-’Iradah),

8-      Knowledge (al-^Ilm),

9-      Hearing (as-Sam^),

10-    Sight (al-Basar),

11-    Life (al-Hayah),

12-    Speech (Al-Kalam)

13-    Non-Resemblance to creations (al-Mukhalafatu lil-hawadith).