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Speak about the Attribute of Speech (Kalam) of Allah ta^ala.

Imam Abu Hanifah said in his book, “al-Fiqh al-Akbar”: “And He speaks with a Speech unlike ours. We speak with instruments and letters from exits, as for Allah ta^ala He speaks without an instrument or letters.”

Allah speaks with a Speech (Kalam) that is not similar to our speech. His eternal and everlasting Speech (Kalam) is without a beginning and without an end. Silence or interruption does not occur to His Speech (Kalam), because it is not a letter or a sound; rather it is an attribute of Allah. The Speech of Allah is not similar to the speech of the creation.

Allah said in Surat an-Nisa’ verse # 164:

﴿وكلّم الله موسى تكليماً﴾ سورة النساء

 The verse means: [Allah spoke directly to Musa.] Allah spoke to Musa with His Eternal and Everlasting Speech and Musa heard it without it being a sound, or a letter or a language.